Trust Policies

Endeavour Schools Trust hold a number of policies which underpin practices across the Trust, some of which may be found below.

Each school also has policies of its own, which may be found by following the links to their individual websites.

Parents are always welcome to read any policies not found on the website, these may be requested via the relevant school office.

  1. Explanatory note re policies March 2019
  2. EST vision and growth statement
  3. Staff Absence Policy
  4. EST Complaints Policy 2018.21
  5. EST Managing Serial & Unreasonable Complaints Policy 2018.21
  6. Subject Access Requests Letter
  7. Disciplinary Procedure
  8. RWST Freedom of Information Policy 17 - 20
  9. Gifts and Hospitality Policy
  10. EST H&S Policy 19.20
  11. EST Safe Driving Policy 19.20
  12. Flexible Working and Job Share Policy
  13. Food In School Policy
  14. Managing Unsatisfactory Performance Support Staff
  15. Teachers Maternity leave 2019-22
  16. Maternity leave - support staff
  17. Paternity Leave & Maternity Support Leave 2019 - 2022
  18. Privacy Notice for Staff (1)
  20. Support Staff in School Probation Policy and Procedure
  21. Sickness Absence - Staff Fact Sheet
  22. Smoke Free Policy
  23. Suspension of Staff Policy
  24. Privacy Notice for pupils
  25. Safe Working Practice for Staff in Education Settings (leaflet) - Sept 2018
  26. Charging and Remissions Policy
  27. EST Gifts and Hospitality Policy
  28. EST Letting Policy
  29. Finance Policy
  30. Managing Allegations of Abuse against Teachers and Other Staff reviewed early due to changes to KCSIE Sept 20
  31. visitors and parent behaviour protocol7.20
  32. Stress Management Policy
  35. EST Data Protection Policy
  36. Freedom of Information Act Publication Scheme